Who's behind Globekey?

Globekey is a truly global team of experienced hospitality professionals that saw the need for a better, more accessible online hotel booking system...

... so they built it! 

Globekey Team

Since its inception more than 10 years ago, the Globekey hotel booking system has been used to book millions of hotel rooms for thousands of hotels all over the world. 

Worldwide local representations, personal contact and honest guidance are at the core of our customer service charter. All our team members know your industry and understand the problems you're faced with, and are patient and helpful when it comes to your questions.


«Globekey outperforms systems costing thousands times more,
while still having all the bells and whistles
to satisfy most groups and properties»


«Rod is the reason why we are all here. Literally the living source code of Globekey, he holds all the strings of codes together and ensures that everything runs smoothly. Having escaped the cold Canadian Climate many winters ago he calls Phuket his home and enjoys a round of golf on one of the many beautiful golf courses when he needs a break from the computer screen or is looking for inspiration»

Gregor about Rod

«Gregor is the Master-Juggler; with amazing endurance and virtually no need for sleep, our General Manager keeps all the balls in the air and catches them too. Nothing appears to be too hard and his fair and optimistic disposition sees him through challenging times. Educated in Switzerland with a background in the hospitality industry he now also counts IT as a strong interest. Oh yes, he can cook too»

Barbi about Gregor 

«Barbi is the organizer in our office. With her German precision she not only manages the accounts but also makes sure that we do not forget any birthdays – and always finds a reason to celebrate something with a piece of chocolate! With her positive nature she ensures that our office is lively and that we all have a daily laugh between solving problems and coming up with the next ingenious idea»

Gregor about Barbi

«Mika is the newest member of the team and she is diverse in many ways: Not only has she studied in Tourism and Graphic Design, she is also a keen gardener. Mika keeps us up-to-date with the latest gossip and on occasions brings in cookies to the office! Mika is also fluent in Thai so she is also able to assist and train our Thai clients plus she can also teach us a bit of Thai along the way.»

Coralee about Mika

«Coralee is our support wizard with an amazing memory and great attention to detail. Heading up our support team in Australia, Coralee ensures that all our clients receive a speedy, friendly and professional reply to their questions. The movie fan in her can’t decide if she would rather cast spells besides Harry Potter or be part of the Twilight Saga... Back on planet earth, she enjoys shopping, making gorgeous scented candles and having fun with her large family.»

Anne about Coralee

«Anne is our UK Super Woman – she handles incoming phone calls, emails and her accounts day in and day out. Nothing is ever too much for her and because of her understanding of our product and service plus her sweet and lovely personality our clients will always get a prompt and friendly answer from her. We do suspect that working hard is her excuse to enjoy a nice glass of wine in the evening but that is well deserved... Although she admits she's not a very good singer herself, she loves musicals and enjoys Shakespeare on stage - a nice meal in addition to a cultural event makes a perfect evening for her.»

Mika about Anne

Khun Oh is based in our Phuket Office and as Chief Programmer is the company's knowledge bank who can always be relied upon to decipher and solve any coding issues - the more complex the coding, the more he enjoys it! In his spare time, Khun Oh is a keen photographer and, being curious by nature, he loves to learn about anything new from politics to food to the latest TV reality show and then enjoys nothing more than a lively and lengthy debate, which he usually manages to win!

As Relationship Manager, Khun Oum thrives on keeping the office and the team organized and on track. A calm, cool and essential part of the team, Khun Oum maintains a peaceful office environment to ensure that our techies can keep their heads isolated from day to day office life in order to concentrate on their complex technical tasks. Never more 'thrilled' than to hear Michael Jackson on the radio, Khun Oum knows the best restaurants around Phuket and mixes wicked after hours drinks!

Anne Gregor Rod Barbi Mika Coralee Khun Oh Khun Oum

International Contacts


Turkey +90 549 505 09 00

Portugal +351 275 315 620

Others +61 2 8031 1292


Thailand +66 7628 2378

China +86 139 1818 6427

Indonesia +62 361 9288 681

India + 91 9167 44 7773

Others +61 2 8031 1292


Australia +61 2 8031 1292

Others +61 2 8031 1292


Mexico 045 322 136 4767

Others +61 2 8031 1292

Worldwide Sales

Australia +61 2 8031 1292

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