Website and Social Media Integration

Much more customisable than just an online hotel booking button, the multilingual Globekey hotel booking software is fully integrated with your website design, including existing visuals and navigation.

Full Website Integration

Unique to Globekey, your website design is transferred onto all booking pages. This means that the website visitor will have a seamless experience throughout the booking process.

The result? Your website visitors feel more confident to complete their booking.

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Smartphone Support

Accessed from smartphones, the Globekey mobile interface streamlines the booking process for your customers, with touchscreen-optimised, large buttons and an intuitive step-by-step approach.

With the optional PayPal gateway, your hotel guests can even pay for their rooms using a 4-digit PayPal PIN without having to enter credit card details every time they make a booking.

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Facebook Fan Pages

If you have a Facebook fan page, use the Globekey hotel reservation engine to take bookings without your customer having to leave Facebook.

This is a great way to convert your Facebook fans to buyers and get a good financial return on your social media investment.

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«With experience spanning 12 years,
Globekey has continuously optimised
the hotel booking process to ensure
the highest conversion rates.»

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