Top 3 Reasons to Choose Hotel Booking Software by Globekey

It's hard to choose which hotel booking engine works best for your business. At Globekey, we understand it's not a decision to be taken lightly, and it may affect your business over years to come

World-class, Personal, Quick and Friendly Customer Support

Our multi-lingual, friendly and helpful team will solve your technical support requests, answer your questions and guide you through the slightly more complex issues that you may face, be that complex rate structures, package rates, channel manager setup or GDS connectivity.

We pride ourselves that many of our customers stayed with us for years – some have been loyal customers for 12 years!

Better Conversions through Consistent Look & Feel

It's really quite simple: Globekey replicates the design of your website on all booking pages. This means the customer has a seamless user experience throughout the booking process; it means the customer is less confused, and feels confident to proceed with their booking.

User experience studies constantly show that switching design or user interfaces throughout the checkout or booking experience confuses users, resulting in less trust and a reduced likelihood of completing their task.

Fixed Monthly Fees, no Commissions Payable

There's really not much more to say: We charge a monthly flat-fee and no commission, so you won't get any surprises.

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